about Christi-an

I walk life's winding, magical, sometimes tragic,  often messy, and certainly beautiful path with an open heart, a commitment to practice,  and a sense of humour.  My classes are a balancing act of breath, deep listening, physical integration and kindness. I am proud of the work I did as the director of Kula Yoga Studio Annex to build community and cultivate safer and more inclusive yoga spaces. I have directed 5 teacher trainings and remain a forever student in yoga, meditation, and philosophy (check out my formal study hours here). I am grateful to my family, friends, and community for consistently waking me up to things I have yet to see and for their love. I dream of travelling much of the world by bicycle!

I teach private yoga and meditation sessions - please contact me for more information. 

When I am not teaching yoga, I am running my virtual assistance business at www.unicornforhire.ca